CAREIF E-Experience

The E-Experience is a virtual store filled with a wide variety of inspirational as well as financially empowering opportunities. The E-Experience allows for the individuals to enjoy through their own efforts unlimited opportunities to improve their quality of life. It's a business with no inventory or costly outlays which makes it easy for the budding entrepreneur to generate unlimited income and wealth creation.
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The e-experience is available to you for only USD $159 annually. There are NO monthly fees and NO monthly purchases required.

 One of the significant benefits you will receive is your own website where you will be allowed to generate income for the rest of your life.

picEasy Does It

We invite you to purchase our e-experience that includes the e-books experience and other products, which entitles you to a complementary membership in CAREIF’s Real Estate Consumer Club, Achievers Group. This complementary gift of membership to the CAREIF RIC family also offers you, the new member, a host of invaluable benefits that will deliver your self empowerment.

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You can promote your site in just a few minutes per day and be assured of unlimited residual income by way of commissions from every successful referral you direct to the Real Estate Consumer Club and CAREIF’s products…. Read more.

You get paid a generous commission for each sale generated from your web site.

We Follow-up for YOU




We provide trained professional associates and an automated response system to assist in answering any questions that your referral may have in regards to our products and services. This makes it easy for you to close your deals.

Your web site will have our contact information, so you never have to worry about answering customer queries, which makes it really easy for you to close your deals.