Achievers' Union is a product of CAREIF Limited, once you have acquired the “E-Experience” from CAREIF LTD you will also receive a complimentary membership in CAREIF RIC’s Real Estate Consumer Club, the Achievers Group. Thus membership to the RIC Achievers Group is an invaluable gift to you from CAREIF Ltd.  Through RIC Achievers' Group, our club members have the uncanny ability to generate additional income through easy referrals to the E-Experience as well as, all the other products and services of CAREIF and its affiliates.

CAREIF is lead by a team of professionals who have developed expertise in the areas of Construction, Mortgage Financing, Real Estate Consumer and the Real Estate industry in general. It is this expertise that will now lead many Investors, Jamaicans, Caribbeans and the rest of the World, to be amongst the most successful real estate investors.

In our drive to provide innovative income opportunities for all, CAREIF acquired Achievers’ Union, which was introduced to the local and international markets in 2001. Achievers’ Union has proven itself to be a steady source of additional income for persons from all walks of life. The Achievers' Union patrons who take advantage of the complementary membership can now enjoy increased earnings through CARIEF's range of real estate products.

Since commencement of operations Achievers' Union has made it possible for a growing number of persons to work from home by providing information to others about our products and services. The experience has allowed our patrons to become experienced online marketing professionals helping us to further our objective of empowering individuals financially in mass across the Globe. CAREIF will continue to in its role to build a world class equal business opportunity.

The CARIEF - Achievers' Union synergy is  powerful and is significantly enhancing the earning potential of our members.