How To Join?

Your first step of getting your own Achiever's Union website is by registering via your sponsor's website. Please ensure that you have the full and correct website information for your sponsor. To do this, click here. Click on "Join Today" and complete the sign-up form.
It's better to choose a short username, for it will be part of your web site address. Also choose something that visitors to your web site will easily remember.

Payments are made via deposit at special account at Jamaica National Building Society. Pay to:

  • CAREIF Limited
    Jamaica National Building Society
    US Account No.: 104-629-46

Please fax a copy of your deposit slip to our head office in Kingston:
Fax No.: 929-7623.After faxing in the deposit slip please call the Kingston office at 876-920-7379 to confirm receipt of the deposit slip or please take a copy of the deposit slip to any of our offices.

Who Is A Sponsor?
A sponsor is that person or Ad which brought your attention to CAREIF RIC Achievers’ Union or any of our related companies or products.

To ensure that your sponsor is given the credit, please follow the instructions below.
  • If you are referred by a sponsor please enter your sponsor’s account name (username) below:

  • If you have forgotten your sponsor’s information, please search using the form below:

  • If you are responding to a CAREIF RIC Achievers’ Union ad or from one of CAREIF’s websites, or, if you do not have a sponsor please fill out the form below:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:
    Cellular Phone:
    Land Phone:
    Best Day to Call:*(Your Land Line)
    Best Time to Call:*(Your Land Line)
    Privacy Policy: Your information will not be shared with anyone.